Groundwater Test Results North of Cherry Creek
Results of Groundwater Testing North of Cherry Creek Reveal No Chemical Solvents
No chemical solvents, including those associated with the Redfield site, were detected in groundwater monitoring wells drilled north of Cherry Creek. One well was located adjacent to McMeen Elementary School. A second well was located between the school and Cherry Creek, and a third well was located just north of Cherry Creek. Two other wells were dry, which means no groundwater was encountered in the soils above bedrock at these locations. The data have been reviewed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
These groundwater data are consistent with the geology of the area, which indicates that Cherry Creek acts as a groundwater divide, which precludes water within the Redfield plume from flowing north past Cherry Creek. The plume from the Redfield site is south of Cherry Creek and flows in a northwesterly direction near the creek. The indoor air in homes located above or immediately adjacent to the plume has been tested or is scheduled to be tested.
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