Indoor Air
Indoor Air Results and Mitigation
Revised Action Levels for 1,1-DCE and TCE - November 2012   updated on 11/15/12
Update on Trichloroethene - March 2012 (Fact Sheet)   updated on 04/25/2012
Testing/Ventilation Procedures - March 2012 (Fact Sheet)   updated on 04/25/2012
Air Monitoring Program Status Map   updated on 10/19/2015
Status of Post-Mitigation Indoor Air Test Map   updated on 12/06/2010
Status of Pre-Mitigation Indoor Air Test Map   updated on 06/30/2007
Additional Soil Testing On Redfield Site - September 2003 (Fact Sheet)
New Information on 1,1-DCE--EPA Review of 1,1-DCE - September 2002 (Fact Sheet)
Information About Ventilation Systems - February 2001 (Fact Sheet)
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